Modelling Classes

Canine Characters

Do you struggle with creating characters for your cakes? 

In this session we will learn how to create a cute dog using modelling paste. As we will be shaping a body, legs and head - this process will be easily transferred in your other animal-making projects. You will learn which materials are best, how to colour your paste, build your model and sculpt the fur coat. I will be on hand to help you at all stages and demonstrate how each part is made.

This class is suitable for beginners.

Canine Charaters Class

Fairy Folk Modelling

This class will be dedicated to modelling a sitting fairy. We will be using the premium Saracino modelling paste which you will learn how to colour, shape and sculpt. We will be using petal dusts and edible paints to add finishing touches to bring your model alive.

Faily Folk Modelling Class

Wicked Halloween Workshop

This Wicked Halloween Workshop is for our budding young cake decorators!

Join in and create a fabulous sugar paste model of a witch along with 4 other cupcake decorations. This year we have a Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula and a scary Pumpkin face.

Practice your piping skills and swirl your cupcakes with delicious buttercream, then add on your handmade toppers.

Children's Halloween Workshop